PT. Sino Indo Quadraft Energy

PT. Sino Indo Quadraft Energy (referred to as SQE hereinafter) is a foreign investment company established in Indonesia, since 2015, pursuing Energy & Power Plant Infrastructure Businesses Development, Consultancy, EPC Contractor and Foreign Trade with present focus in Indonesia.

“Businesses Development Group” are committed to acquire assets and to undertake services jobs with integration solutions included but not limited to target project located in main island of Indonesia such Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and Others. SQE, is constantly striving for excellence in building qualified projects, meet our customers needs and expectations

“Engineering and Consultancy Group” scope of works consist of to high-end consulting and engineering services in power system planning research, assessment and engineering survey design service, and built an international advanced design integration system, which was supported by the network and database-centric.

“EPC Contractor Group” scope of work effectively administered projects and ensured safety, high quality, short construction period and low investment.

SQE constantly advances through experience, research and development, and adopts to partner resource and opportunity. Strategic alliance combines with proven historical experience become key success factor in delivering sustainable value innovation to the partner and resilient technology to maximize success.

SQE is currently involved in hydro, photo-voltaic, coal-fired power plant and other clean and renewable energy power plant projects which has made a solid energy business foundation for going under Business Trust Scheme.

SQE has established strategic cooperation with the two largest power construction groups (Power China and Energy China) and key contacts with project business people in the region. for developing power plant projects in Indonesia, as well as in initiation to obtain financing from the 3rd rank bank and investor in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong and International Financial Insititutes.

Our Expertise

We are group of professionals from various industries in energy sector, comprised of exceptional talents who have collaborated on numerous successful energy projects both nationally and internationally, with the ability to successfully transform a plan into reality.

Our overarching approach will deliver tangible, positive and sustainable values to ensure your success. You can be assured that our lead partners will always manage the project closely and carefully, while accountability for the results will never be delegated.